Keep Your Fork!

Welcome to my blog! I am a prairie girl who loves nothing more than cooking for a crew. Often it is family and friends. Sometimes it is for a community potlatch or even a friend’s special event. My earliest memories are of stirring pots for my mother and learning to cook before I went to school.

The Canadian prairies offer a culture of cooking and showing hospitality that speaks of days gone bye. With this blog I look forward to sharing my treasured recipes over cups of coffee and a story or two with neighbours and friends. My recipes will be diverse. After all the prairies are the melting-pot of cultures from around the world and our favourite potlatches show it. We cook for our men and our girlfriends too! We are thrifty so look for budget friendly tips.

Years ago I heard that when Queen Elizabeth was visiting Saskatchewan she was treated to a special meal in a local town. At the end of the meal the host picked up her plate but handed her fork back to her and told her, “Keep your fork, there is pie!”

That is the prairie gift! A humble meal created with love that will fill your heart as well as your stomach.